The Mateffy family established the Wynne Mateffy Research Foundation (WMRF) to create a legacy of helping others for their daughter, Wynne, who was diagnosed with PBD in March 2015. The disease will cut her life painfully short; but with your help, she will have a postive impact on generations to come. 

Real cures have been discovered for other metabolic disorders.  You can be a part of it!

The WMRF’s goal is to raise $1,000,000 for PBD research. This will be the largest influx of private capital to ever reach this research community!

This will be our only large scale fundraising effort.  We would like to make a large one-time impact.  The fundraising in future years will be minimal.  Please consider making the WMRF a significant portion of your 2015 charitable giving.

The WMRF is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  

The Mateffy family is covering administrative costs so 100% of donations can go to programs.


Programs like:

Newborn Screening for Peroxisomal Disorders in Wisconsin. This critical project will ensure that infants born with PBDs will be identified on day one.  While there is currently no treatment for PBD, there is a closely-related disorder that is extremely treatable (X-linked ALD). If these babies are identified before they are symptomatic, their lives will be saved! You can make that happen!

These screenings will also spare babies and their families a heart wrenching diagnostic odyssey of tests and unknowns.

A study of a promising drug (Diosmetin) in genetically engineered rats - These rats have been engineered to have a common PBD causing mutation.  Money is needed to fund the study of a promising drug.

High throughput drug screening - A very exciting new way to try many different drugs on effected cells quickly. 

Sponsorship of the 2017 International Peroxisome Meeting - A crucial conference that enables the leaders in the field to convene and discuss the latest ideas for treatments and potential cures.